FM WhatsApp stickers offer the other surprise for you!

We all know that FM WhatsApp has developed many creative features for its users. For example, customize themes, change chat background and fonts, customize icons, hide personal online status, etc. With the widespread use of FM WhatsApp, the stickers feature of FM WhatsApp is becoming more and more noticeable.

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FM WhatsApp stickers can convey emotions instead of words. When you can't put your feelings into words or want the conversation to be fun and relaxed, you can use stickers to liven up your conversation. Even if you are in an awkward situation with your friends, stickers are definitely your help! While emojis and GIFs already exist to convey information, stickers can add some freshness. Trust me, it will definitely blow your mind!

FM WhatsApp stickers offer the other surprise for you!

About FM WhatsApp Stickers


FM WhatsApp Stickers has a wide range of stickers. Most of these stickers will satisfy your emotional needs. You can use them for free.


You can import photos from your album to Stickers. The main thing is that you can also click the Add button in the FMStickers app to add the required stickers.


When you select a sticker to send to your friends, it is not sent immediately. Before shipment, you will receive a preview of the decal and be asked to confirm shipment.

How to use FM WhatsApp stickers

  • You must first download an APK of FM Sticker
  • Open the APK in the file manager and install it
  • After installation, open it and you will see many categories of stickers. Click the icon on the right, you can add them
  • Finally, open your WhatsApp FM. Select a friend's chat interface and click on the text box. Click on the emoji icon. And you will find a new icon which is a label icon. Inside is the new sticker you just added.